For six years now, the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards has been shining a spotlight on all the innovative ways that nonprofits use video.  The contest is about moving the field of nonprofit video forward and encouraging cause-video creators to try new approaches that make their work different.

The Case Foundation  is offering [more]

I first heard about Matt Damon’s toilet strike campaign to raise awareness about the need for clean water from PR Newser – a great score for a nonprofit fueled by Damon’s celebrity involvement, since PRNewser usually worries more about big corporate PR failures and dust-ups in the media than nonprofit campaigns. [more]

YouTube NextCause has just announced its new program to help nonprofits – NextCause! This new program is designed to help innovative organizations that are already changing the world learn how to better use online video to drive action. At an exclusive one-day summit in San Francisco on April 2, 2012 selected participants [more]

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Have you ever wondered how social media policies and engagement could enhance your nonprofit or association? And what others are doing in the field?

Last week I attended a great lunch presentation organized by PRSA-NCC’s Independent Public Relations Alliance, and our guest speaker was Beth Perell from Goodwill Industries [more]

This practical how-to guide by consultant Heather Mansfield, offers helpful advice for nonprofit organizations seeking to maximize their online presence for engagement and support. Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits is organized into three sections with chapters.

Part 1 – Web 1.0: The Static [more]

Today is Labor Day in the U.S., a traditional and paid holiday for millions of workers. But if you’re a consultant like me, the work has to get done whether it’s a holiday or not. And this morning I started my day not with an inspiring post to rally people to action but with a sigh and a move for the delete button.

One of the Facebook [more]

Many nonprofit agencies are now investing in digital cameras and making their own video stories to share on their websites and through social media. Understanding storytelling techniques used by journalists can help share your message in a powerful way. This video from the Pulitzer Center offers great tips for assembling your story: [more]

There is an interesting article this week in the New York Times about nonprofits learning from the overnight success of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video. With 84 million plus views, the video has netted donations, media attention and actions for Invisible Children, and even a response from Ugandan government. Here’s [more]

Poor lighting makes this Skype interview in the lower right corner look dowdy compared to the in studio and live shot from Capitol Hill on CNN.

Increasingly, journalists are conducting interviews via Skype – while that’s opened wide a realm of media possibilities for nonprofit organizations, talking heads, and others [more]

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