There’s a great article in the November 28th Washington Post looking at how millennial generation women are changing how we think about work. More than 9 percent of millennial women in the DC area are working full-time from home offices, which is higher than the national average.

An education consultant interviewed for the story [more]

My most popular 2012 blog post was Lowering the Stress Load: One Working Mom’s Ideas, with nearly a thousand page views. This particular blog post got a head start on the others in racking up page views because it was posted on January 6, 2012, so it had all year for people to find it, but I’m still pleased to see others found it [more]

It’s important for nonprofits and associations to be strategic when it comes to social media, especially when they are smaller organizations, because they don’t have a lot of resources and staff are often multi-tasked. During the discussion at my table for PRSA/NCC’s Second Annual Public Relations Issues of the Day [more]

I get 150-200 emails during a typical workday – easily. I need to monitor news about my clients, get correspondence from those clients, network for my business, and stay up to date on developments relevant to the issues I work on.

And I’m not alone in feeling like I am drowning, on a daily basis, in email. The Los Angeles Times [more]

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