When you work in nonprofit public relations, you often get asked to help with pro-bono projects, where you assist a nonprofit agency free of charge. This is often a great public service, allows a public relations professional to volunteer for a cause that he or she cares about, and provides a cash-strapped nonprofit organization with [more]

Baby boomer volunteers have a lot to share. Thanks for the photo.

A recent article by the Associated Press noted that many nonprofits are hoping to inspire baby boomers to volunteer. These plus 50 adults are highly sought after nonprofit workers because they are well-educated, healthier, and have tremendous experience.

These boomers [more]

More MBA students are offering their skills to nonprofit boards through business school fellowship programs, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The arrangements give nonprofits business-savvy and connections with young professionals, and provide hands-on experience in social change for students.

I joined my first nonprofit [more]

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