From 2008-2015, the Plus 50 Initiative helped thousands of students at more than 100 community colleges around the United States get people ages 50 and up back to work. The Initiative was organized by the American Association of Community Colleges, located in Washington, D.C. Steppingstone LLC provided communications strategy, [more]

Connect with People by Using Video

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

With the rise of smartphones and do-it-yourself quality video, how do you maximize your video reach for your nonprofit organization?

First, realize the promise that video offers for reaching people. Video content is immensely popular. Forty-five percent of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. Nearly [more]


The DoGooder TV Awards honor the best work from people and organizations that are using video to create real impact for important causes. If you have made a video about your nonprofit organization or cause, this is a great opportunity to share it with the world and be recognized for your hard efforts.

There are some fun categories. There’s [more]

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The 2014 DoGooder Awards recognize the creative and effective use of nonprofit video in promoting social good. Now in its 8th year, the DoGooder Awards program is dedicated to giving cause advocates that use video a place for their work to shine. If you have invested time in creating a video about your favorite cause or nonprofit organization, [more]

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Zack Miller of Hatch Norfolk talks about the value of building community at TedX Norfolk and how it is happening in the tech startup community. He argues for creating smaller companies and thinking internationally and nationally. He argues we should be sharing what we are doing in our communities. He also discusses how his work [more]

For six years now, the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards has been shining a spotlight on all the innovative ways that nonprofits use video.  The contest is about moving the field of nonprofit video forward and encouraging cause-video creators to try new approaches that make their work different.

The Case Foundation  is offering [more]

The DoGooder Video Awards are back again and accepting nominations starting January 12, 2015. This is a great way to win kudos for your nonprofit organization’s video work over the last year.

The categories for this year’s awards include:

Funny for Good Award: For those creators who are doing good with a sense of humor ImpactX [more]
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Video production is becoming a bigger player in nonprofit and association communications, as the cost of gathering footage becomes cheaper and anyone can produce video footage on an iPhone, iPad, FlipCam, webcam or other digital camera. While collecting video footage is easier than ever before, many organizations still need to hire [more]

Nonprofit Quarterly ran an interesting article about the Kony 2012 campaign fizzling out. The writer looks at several issues, including issues with Invisible Children effectively mobilizing its base for Make Kony Famous and Cover the Night  on April 20, questions about where the money raised is going, the fact that Ugandans (including [more]

I first heard about Matt Damon’s toilet strike campaign to raise awareness about the need for clean water from PR Newser – a great score for a nonprofit fueled by Damon’s celebrity involvement, since PRNewser usually worries more about big corporate PR failures and dust-ups in the media than nonprofit campaigns. [more]

YouTube NextCause has just announced its new program to help nonprofits – NextCause! This new program is designed to help innovative organizations that are already changing the world learn how to better use online video to drive action. At an exclusive one-day summit in San Francisco on April 2, 2012 selected participants [more]

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The May rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from years in captivity was miraculous, but it also ignited a media firestorm, with news crews camped outside the house where they were held, and their families shielding them from cameras and onlookers as they returned home as free women – free women who had lost years [more]

I began administering a YouTube channel several years ago for a client – and YouTube provided a way to provide their content that was easy to use, searchable, and affordable. Bandwidth fees to host videos on their website were a concern for them, like many nonprofit organizations. YouTube enabled them to build a library of dozens [more]

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Many nonprofit agencies are now investing in digital cameras and making their own video stories to share on their websites and through social media. Understanding storytelling techniques used by journalists can help share your message in a powerful way. This video from the Pulitzer Center offers great tips for assembling your story: [more]

There is an interesting article this week in the New York Times about nonprofits learning from the overnight success of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video. With 84 million plus views, the video has netted donations, media attention and actions for Invisible Children, and even a response from Ugandan government. Here’s [more]

Poor lighting makes this Skype interview in the lower right corner look dowdy compared to the in studio and live shot from Capitol Hill on CNN.

Increasingly, journalists are conducting interviews via Skype – while that’s opened wide a realm of media possibilities for nonprofit organizations, talking heads, and others [more]

Video Cue Cards: How to Format Them

Saturday, December 7, 2013

We all love effortless looking videos about the organizations and issues we care about, but it often takes a little magic behind the scenes to ensure that key points are delivered effectively. While I prefer to have a thoughtful spokesperson on camera with presence who can fling sound bytes effortlessly without a prompt, many people [more]


Leaders from the Washington, DC nonprofit sector convened to discuss the latest trends at the Nonprofit 2.0 Unconference and offer some great tips in this video. Voices in the video include Epic Change’s Stacey Monk, WomenWhoTech’s Allyson Kapin, National Wildlife Federation’s Danielle Brigada, Blogger Shonali [more]

It may sound exciting and amazing – a film maker has just called and wants to shadow your nonprofit organization’s employees and clients to make a film about your work. But how do you know if it’s the right fit for your organization?

Far too often, I’ve seen nonprofits leap into film projects without much planning [more]

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