In 2018, we pitched a story to Exceptional Parent magazine, a publication for parents of children coping with special needs, suggesting a story with tips about how to select a school for your child. This was an excellent target publication for our client, the Episcopal Center for Children, as they worked with children coping with special [more]

If you work for an association, then you’ll want to know about the EXCEL Awards. These awards honor the best publishing products created by associations. Deadline for the 2012 32nd Annual EXCEL Awards is January 27, 2012.

The program judges typically more than 1,100 association publications, including magazines, [more]

When I first started working at an international nonprofit organization as their communications director several years ago – I confronted a terrible problem familiar to many nonprofit professionals – the staff were using complicated graduate school level language when they wrote copy for the newsletter and the website. [more]

For a year early in my consulting practice, I subscribed to Nonprofit Quarterly, but found my print subscription (which was very pretty, often qualifying it for top of the pile status) sat in a corner of my desk, where it was occasionally nibbled on by dust bunnies. So I didn’t renew, even though the content was great. It was just one [more]

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