This graphic is circulating online in a big way. It references Komen’s ubiquitous pink products, and makes it clear that a revolt is underway among the foundation’s core audiences, who are refusing to march lockstep in brand unison on this decision.

Like many nonprofit PR pros, I’ve been following the fireworks [more]

Getting your nonprofit or association CEO and key leaders engaged in social media can be tougher than it looks. Some are leery of social media or don’t understand it. Others, want for social media to be something they can delegate to others. I even met a nonprofit CEO who didn’t like having his own social media feeds because [more]

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and sanctioned for illegally using drugs by the US Anti-Doping Agency, but will the popular cancer-fighting charity he founded, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG), survive?¬†Are we about to witness the collapse of one of America’s innovative [more]

More MBA students are offering their skills to nonprofit boards through business school fellowship programs, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The arrangements give nonprofits business-savvy and connections with young professionals, and provide hands-on experience in social change for students.

I joined my first nonprofit [more]

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