Infographic: Let’s Get Physical

By on Monday, March 2, 2020

Client: Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE)

Situation: SOPHE was awarded a three-year national grant by the Centers for Disease Control for a project with four other national organizations preventing chronic disease – the American Heart Association, the American Planning Association, the National WIC Association and the Directors of Health Education & Promotion. Sub-grantees for the project were scattered in 94 communities around the country, and each location was doing something different! Everyone involved in the project needed materials that could be customized and used locally. There was also a need to promote fitness in areas not served by the 94 sub-grantees.

Solution: As part of the project, Steppingstone LLC designed a series of infographics that were distributed through a content marketing strategy. Additionally, we negotiated a discounted rate with a national matte distribution service for several of the infographics and articles.

For this piece, we targeted mothers as our audience, aiming to talk about being active in communities. It was important to show both people being active, and people working to make communities more conducive to walking (e.g. through traffic calming and pavement marking). We kept imagery positive. A section was left available at the bottom of the infographic so grantee partners could add more information about education and outreach events if desired. The infographic was sized to fit in a  newspaper, a magazine, or on social media.

This infographic and many other ads and materials are also available through a website designed by Steppingstone LLC. It was also shared on social media under the #Partnering4Health hashtag.

We also used some of the imagery from the infographic to create other graphics in different sizes, so grantees could use materials in a variety of ways – whether they needed them for social media, a printed publication, or a poster. Here are some examples:

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