Recruitment: Getting Double-Duty from a Magazine Feature

By on Monday, February 24, 2020

In 2018, we pitched a story to Exceptional Parent magazine, a publication for parents of children coping with special needs, suggesting a story with tips about how to select a school for your child. This was an excellent target publication for our client, the Episcopal Center for Children, as they worked with children coping with special needs and had years of knowledge they could share from real experience in helping families.

Our story pitch was accepted and Ami Neiberger-Miller interviewed staff from the Center about this important topic. Parents faced with finding and securing alternative schooling for a child coping with special needs are often very concerned about how to pick the “right” school that will address their child’s needs, and under a lot of stress, so we didn’t want to overwhelm them, but offer some practical advice that would help. We came up with 11 tips and submitted the article to the magazine. It was published in April 2018 as “11 Tips for Selecting a School for Your Child with Special Needs.”

We then took the piece and re-laid it out as a publication to give prospective parents for the school, carefully including a reference back to Exceptional Parent. This was a great way to maximize on the time invested in creating a magazine feature for the school – as the school received both the publicity from the initial magazine publication, and then the long-term benefit of a recruitment pieces for its own needs. The piece was printed for distribution to parents, and was also uploaded to the Center’s website. When we do content placement like this for clients, we try to look for other distribution streams besides the original one, to ensure they get as much as they can from their content.

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