Media Relations: Bimonthly Tips for Nonprofits

By on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

In 2019, Steppingstone LLC’s Ami Neiberger-Miller began writing a bimonthly column on public relations for Instigate Magazine, which is published by Citygate (formerly the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions). The purpose of the column was to help their members improve how they communicate with the public, and better share the story of what they do and its importance. Their members are faith-based nonprofit organizations that assist people who are experiencing homelessness and often trying to recover from addiction, so their services are critical to communities.

Topics she’s covered in her column have included media relations, the power of storytelling, producing quality videos on a budget, being successful on social media, recruiting volunteers through media relations, and  how to set up a public relations or communications plan for the year that reaches achievable goals.

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