Crisis Communication: Preparing for a PR Nightmare

By on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Think associations can’t face PR problems? Think again. The mayor of the city hosting your association’s annual meeting is accused of a horrible crime and still wants to give the opening address at your conference. A program run by a member has put lives at risk and someone died. Your members openly ignore the best practices you recommend and now face a public drumming down, including a funding cut. How do you anticipate a public relations problem before it happens? What planning can you do in advance to make managing a PR crisis easier later? What materials should you have in a folder ready for use? How do you pivot when a real-life scenario surprises you? Review real-life case studies from associations and get tips on how to prepare for a crisis. Attendees for the Association Media & Publishing 2019 annual meeting walked out of this session knowing how to assess risk, put crisis plans in place, and be confident communicators.

Ami Neiberger-Miller is a public relations strategist and writer. She is the founder of Steppingstone LLC, an independent PR practice near Washington, D.C. that provides public relations counsel, social media engagement, writing services, and creative design for publications and websites (contact to discuss your projectreview our portfoliosign up for our e-newsletter). She blogs about media relations, social media, public relations, and work-family balance. Follow her on Twitter @AmazingPRMaven

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