Presentation: Make Your Voice Heard: How Your Story of Recovery Can Change Hearts and Minds

By on Sunday, December 30, 2018

Stories of those who have experienced some of life’s worst moments can inspire us and help others coping with addiction disorders seek treatment and recovery – these stories can offer tremendous hope. At the same time, those seeking to advocate publicly and share their journeys with others need to think through privacy issues and other impacts.In this July 2018 presentation in Houston, Texas at the annual conference for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP), Ami talks about what treatment court gradates – many of whom are in recovery from addiction disorders – should consider BEFORE sharing their story of recovery publicly. Considerations about family members, privacy, and other implications that can result from sharing a story of struggle in a public way are discussed. This presentation is an outgrowth of a series of peer engagement meetings and training that Ami conducted with NADCP over several months where she talked with many people who had successfully completed a treatment court program. She also authored a publication “Sharing Your Treatment Court Story: A Guide to Help You Prepare” for the NADCP to provide further guidance. The publication was published the same month as the conference.

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