Magazine Writing: Rural Homelessness

By on Friday, February 2, 2018

Increasingly, ministries are starting new ministries and programs serving families and people experiencing homelessness who live in rural areas. Rural homelessness is often a hidden problem – overlooked by national counts that assess the situation – and less visible than in urban areas. This article for Rescue magazine’s January/February 2018 issue looks at three ministries doing this type of work. It discusses the challenges they face and the opportunities ahead. For this article, Ami Neiberger-Miller interviewed Dennis Van Kampen of Mel Trotter Ministries in Michigan, L. Torry Easler of Rockingham Rescue Mission in North Carolina, and Brandan Thomas of the Winchester Rescue Mission. The magazine is published by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. The story is available via Flipbook. A pdf clip is available by request (contact ami@steppingstonellc.com to request the clip).

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