Media Pitching: Trade Show Coverage

By on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Getting coverage at a trade show can be a daunting task for any professional association. After all, you might be competing with a myriad of events, announcements, and excitement. But here’s some ways we’ve been successful in positioning a trade association for successful coverage for the last three years at the most important trade show in their industry.

First, we reached out well in advance of the trade show (not a couple of days before) asking to set up information meetings. Our pitches included storylines that a spokesperson could discuss comfortably. We also included in that pitch information about the press conference the organization was holding – so if a reporter couldn’t carve out time for a one-on-one interview, the press conference offered a viable alternative.

Next, we assembled a schedule for the trade show – blocking out time for meetings and activities. As the date drew near, we compiled a briefing book to give the client important background information on the reporters and editors scheduled for meetings. We also issued reminders to the reporters, to ensure appointments stayed on track. This book included suggested asks and highlighted coverage by reporters and their publications over the last year.

These weren’t just meet and greets. They were strategic meetings to build relationships and nurture stories of value to the client. We found it was important our client know what the “ask” was for the meeting. Background materials were prepared and printed for take-aways, and offered electronically too. Some reporters would bring a video camera along and do a quick interview with the client as part of their event coverage.

Overall, our work on this trade show has led to stronger media relationships for the client with trade media, introduced the client to reporters who did not regularly work with the association, and generated stories about the client.

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