Twitter Chat to Promote an Arts Fellowship

By on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We assisted a U.S. government agency with a twitter chat to promote applications for an arts fellowship overseas. The chat was conducted in cooperation by our client and the National Endowment for the Arts.

A script drafted in advance helped guide the chat discussion. The script kept information flowing and there were no odd lulls. With three Twitter accounts participating by design – our client, the NEA and a participating artist who had received the fellowship in a prior year – we were able to keep a conversation flowing very naturally – unlike the one-way conversations one sometimes finds with a Twitter chat.

Our client benefited from the large Twitter following the NEA had, which encouraged more people to participate in the chat. Having a partner with a larger Twitter following gave our client more attention and support.

A fellowship recipient participated in the chat and was very helpful at answering questions from potential applicants. The recipient was able to offer tips for applying and spoke from personal experience about the program.

Overall, the chat was a rousing success and several participants said that they planned to apply for the fellowship.

Services provided: social media management, social media copy writing, social media strategy

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