Website Design: Startup Company Gets a Website That Grows Business

By on Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Efficient Products Warehouse website is designed to sell products to a targeted niche audience that tends to buy in quantity. And as Salesforce expounds, the customer segregation to target a specific category of customers was done a long time prior to that. However, the interface values business first, helping customers make purchases quickly, with less emphasis having to be placed on explaining the products or their worth.

Before starting on any process of a business, the proprietor of it must know certain basics such as the difference between DBA vs LLC and What are the initial stages which can help in the good steady growth of the company. As the company had already been established; thus, we jumped directly into its design phase to make it virtually better. For the design, we used business like typography and kept the design simple. A storytelling metaphor was applied to how the content was structured, so information was revealed over time, rather than installing a navigation structure where someone goes to a menu and figures out where they want to go. Inter spliced throughout the website are calls to action that encourage prospects to provide an email address or more information.


One might have assumed that a website focused on efficient products for green living would use a lot of green in its design layout. This website stands out because of its approach. The only use of green is in the buttons for the calls to actions, where the green sets them off. The designer stayed with a traditional business color scheme of gray and blue because of the site’s audience.

Mailchimp mailing list services are integrated with the website to allow for product offers to be distributed to a growing mailing list. Like many entrepreneurs building a client base, the owner hopes site visitors will share email addresses (at a minimum) and to capture visitors as full prospects willing to share more information. The back end of the website allows the owner to control who can see pricing and make purchases.

Steppingstone LLC also provided product photography services, using a light box to create professional and compelling photos of the products sold.


Part of why the website is so successful is because Steppingstone LLC’s Rick Miller worked very closely with the client in developing a business strategy. Rick reviewed what the business was, what the opportunities were, and helped strategize a website that could meet his needs.

The website is very functional and the client is able to make edits without engaging a professional website designer every time. And if the website sees high levels of traffic, they can get dedicated hosting plans to ensure that the site doesn’t slow down. The client can add products, change the calls to action, and even utilize A/B testing to examine how effectively site visitors respond to different offers. There is room to add testimonials, product reviews, client accounts and more as the business expands.

Services provided: website design, product photography, graphic design, business consultation.

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