Publication Design: Annual Report

By on Saturday, July 18, 2015

The printed 24-page annual report for the National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP) provides an overview of a nonprofit organization’s accomplishments and finances in a year.

The presentation has a linear flow to it and the design is inviting. We utilized imagery and messaging that leads the viewer to want to turn the pages and learn more. We utilized stock photography, original photography that we created in-house, and some amateur photos from veterans assisted by the organization.

“I think the biggest challenge in the design is that since it is used primarily as a fundraising tool, while they want it to look professional, they also need to convey that they need ongoing support so they can continue to help veterans and military families,” said Rick Miller, creative director at Steppingstone LLC. “So they don’t want to look over produced. This was not your annual report for investors.”

NVLSP_AR_2One of the cool things in the annual report is a map that we created using a database of zip codes from veterans served by the organization that year. We plotted all of their zip codes on a map to illustrate the organization’s far-reaching impact.

The annual report built on previous creative work for NVLSP and laid a foundation for branding work, helping us craft and hone what the look and feel of the organization would become. The publication is very cohesive and has solid flow, even though it was produced while the organization’s development office was going through a leadership change and job search.

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