8 Tips to Help You Create a Great Infographic

By on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Infographics have been the rage for a few years, and we have shepherded clients through the process of creating and distributing infographics. But what does it really take to make a great infographic that resonates with the people you want to talk to?

Tip #1: Story is paramount. Infographics are great for telling stories and illustrating progression or processes. Their strength lies in being able to take a process that is utterly boring, and make it interesting. A great infographic has flow in the storyline and visually. An engaging story can lure the viewer into the design and help them digest the content.

Tip #2: Talk to your audience about things that matter. Design your story and infographic to speak to the people you want to share information with, on topics that matter to them. The more your infographic focuses on solving a problem or providing a benefit to the reader – the more likely it will go viral.

Tip #3: Use statistics to make a point. The statistics in an infographic should illustrate the story and be interesting or beneficial to the viewer. If you don’t have your own original research to use to generate the statistics, you should use reputable sources and check them carefully. Be sure you don’t mis-represent a number. But the statistics should be interspersed with visual elements, so it’s not just a lot of numbers.

Tip #4: Keep it simple. Great infographics tell a story but don’t overwhelm the viewer. That also means reining in the font varieties and including some white space. The content should be balanced and not overwhelm the viewer.

Tip #5: Style is key. A great infographic is fun to look at. It uses design as a tool to share information in short nuggets.  The illustrations are not just trendy, they actually work with the content.

Tip #6: Write a great headline. A headline provides focus for the viewer and spells out clearly what the infographic is about. It also becomes the language that gets potential viewers to click.

Tip #7: Get the sizing right. Infographics have to be sized properly to display well in different social media environments. I even had one client get an infographic printed so they could distribute it at their booth during a trade show, at the same time that they were also distributing it online. See this helpful discussion on sizing – it recommends starting with 600 pixcels wide and 2000 pixcels tall.

Tip #8: Have a distribution plan. When you finish the hard work of creating your infographic, you should also have a plan in place to distribute and share it.

Talk with Us: What do you when sketching out an infographic? What are you doing to market and share infographics?

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