Nonprofits Can Now Register .NGO and .ONG Domain Names

By on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nonprofit organizations can now register .NGO and .ONG domain names – and even better – they can also get the support of an online community to help them build awareness for, raise funds, and generate support for their missions.

This can be a great way to add another domain name to point to your existing website, or to pick up a domain name that is easier to remember than your current website address.

Registration is coordinated by OnGood – the new brand identity created by the Public Interest Registry for the .ngo & .ong domains and their accompanying suite of services. OnGood is an online community designed with and for NGOs and nonprofits worldwide, providing them with a suite of online services to help raise funds, build awareness and support for their missions.

By joining the OnGood community, member nonprofit organizations are able to create a unique profile page that is featured in the searchable directory open to the public through the OnGood community website. Members will be able to showcase causes, share activities and information, and collect donations. OnGood’s validation process reassures Internet users worldwide that website addresses owned by OnGood members ending in .ngo and .ong represent genuine NGOs.

Here are the steps to register your .NGO or .ONG domain name.

1. Register your domain(s)

  • Visit the registrars area on the OnGood website
  • Select one registrar from the accredited list with whom to make your purchase
  • Complete your purchase to receive a confirmation email that includes a link that allows you to claim your domain name

2. Create new account on the OnGood website

Create your Account by providing the following information:

  • Information for two authorized contacts to manage OnGood account
  • Official name of and, other names used by your organisation
  • Country of registration
  • Registration/Identification number, if applicable, and issuing body
  • Upload credentials that support your standing as a nonprofit or NGO (acceptable file types include: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF or PDF). This can include IRS designations, certificates of good standing, evidence of NGO membership organization, etc. This documentation may vary by country and will be audited for authenticity.

3. Set up your profile page in the OnGood directory

Below are the items and/or information that will be helpful for your organisation to fill out in order to have a complete profile page that stands out in the directory:

  • Mission statement
  • Mission categories to associate with from the list provided
  • Year founded
  • Total number of staff
  • Today’s status update, if desired
  • About us description
  • Contact information to include, if desired
  • Search keywords (these are behind the scenes for search engine optimization)
  • Up to 5 videos and/or photos to use
  • Logo
  • Header image (4,400px wide by 434px tall)
  • Social media links

To get assistance with applying for your domain name, contact

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