Script-writing & Stage Management: NCMEC Congressional Breakfast

By on Sunday, February 22, 2015

For several years, Ami Neiberger-Miller has worked to support the Congressional Breakfast organized by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The event honors law enforcement for their work in finding missing children and rescuing children from child exploitation. It also recognizes an extraordinary child each year for displaying tremendous courage when facing a dangerous situation.

Ami’s role with the event in 2014 included drafting the script for the awards ceremony, managing edits as they returned from various parties, and managing the stage program on the day of the event. Script-writing is challenging because it involves spoken words and technical details, including videos and stage movement by many different people.

This is not a role for a person who is easily ruffled or struggles with details. One unique challenge of this event, is that some of the presenters for the event may not arrive in the order anticipated. Because members of Congress present some of the awards, and their schedules are quite busy, it is very important that the script be organized in a way that the plan can be altered on a moment’s notice and re-structured. Ami has developed a system for managing the script that allows for flexibility and makes it appear from the audience as if the program flows seamlessly.

The 2014 event included some special elements. NCMEC’s 30th anniversary was recognized and the investigative team that identified and solved the murder of “Baby Hope” were honored. Law enforcement officials from five states were recognized for their work in finding missing children and stopping child exploitation. Dignitaries attending included FBI Director James. Comey, who spoke at the event.

Photo courtesy of the FBI.

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