Rick Miller, Creative Director

By on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

As a creative director with a passion for clean design elements, Rick Miller brings a complex simplicity to his work.

Rick Miller is known for his experience with nonprofit organizations and associations, his savvy business and product marketing sense, his design capabilities, and his willingness to listen to his clients and meet their needs.

He has designed websites, brochures, displays, e-newsletters, marketing campaigns, branded products, publications and educational curriculum. He is well-known for his eye for branding and applying creative concepts. His analytic skills are often helpful on strategic media projects, branding, and outreach campaigns.

Prior to joining Steppingstone LLC, Rick Miller managed product development, catalog creation, website advancement, and marketing promotions for the National 4-H Supply Service. He was the Director of Visual Merchandising at Bikes USA and a Senior Merchandising Manager for Old Navy.

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