Academic Writing: Essay on Resistance During the Holocaust

By on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ami Neiberger-Miller published an academic essay in an anthology, Resisting the Holocaust, edited by Ruby Rohrlich, a well-known historian and early feminist. ┬áThe essay was titled, “An Uncommon Bond of Friendship: Family and Survival in Auschwitz.” In the essay, she discussed how Jewish inmates at Auschwitz would form kinship networks to help them survive the horrific conditions inside the concentration camp. Reviewer Stan Nadel commented, “Based on numerous interviews with survivors, the study shows convincingly that the formation and maintenance of these groups was an important form of resistance in the death camps. Not in the sense of overthrowing the camp regime or leading to inmate escapes, but because it frustrated the purpose of the camps simply by helping the inmates survive. Neiberger’s data is drawn solely from interviews with women survivors and women’s memoirs, so her analysis may well apply only to the women’s camp. If so, we have another indication of the importance of gender in understanding the experience of the Holocaust.” The essay was based on Neiberger-Miller’s master’s thesis in history, which she completed at the University of Florida.

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