Why Writing a Book Can Help Your Nonprofit Organization

By on Monday, April 21, 2014

With the heyday of self-publishing and on-demand printing in full swing, anyone can become a book author for minimal cost. Nonprofit organizations are among those who are starting to publish their own books. Writing a book can help your nonprofit organization in several ways:

(1) Tell your story on your terms – a published book gives you a platform that you control. It is an unprecedented opportunity to craft and share your organization’s story in a narrative form and in your own voice, without the filter of the news media or others. If you have old files sitting around or key leaders you want to include, a book is a great way to bring together all of these pieces into a cohesive story and build a history for your organization.

(2) Create a mother lode of content for your website and social media channels – a well-planned book can be broken up into chapter and sub-chapters, that you also publish in small bits on your website and social media channels. We all have to be efficient – so think of ways to maximize your content. A book can create a wealth of potential content, quotes and imagery that can be shared throughout social media and online. If you do research for your book project and come across photos and images, these can be re-purposed into social media streams.

(3) Raise money to assist your nonprofit organization – the sale of a book for a nonprofit organization – if the cost is reasonable and there is a market for purchases – can raise fund for an organization. Link your book’s publication to a large event, such as your annual conference, and build the cost of a copy into registration fees. Every attendee will leave with a book and be excited to show it off when he or she gets home, getting you more sales.

(4) Find supporters and volunteers to help your nonprofit organization – a published book raises your organization’s credibility factor and introduces your voice to new supporters and volunteers. If your thoughts are compelling and interesting, your book can help you recruit additional supporters and volunteers for your organization.

Ami Neiberger-Miller is a public relations strategist and writer. She also helped Sister Cities International publish a book. She is the founder of Steppingstone LLC, a virtual and independent public relations practice near Washington, D.C. that provides public relations counsel, social media advice, writing services, and creative design work for publications and websites (portfolio). Ami blogs frequently about media relations, social media, public relations and other issues. She also reviews books on her blog about public relations, nonprofit life, work-family balance and social media practice. Follow her on Twitter @AmazingPRMaven.

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