Communications Audit: Association Gets Help Understanding Members

By on Friday, March 21, 2014

Member association organizations want to know how their members engage and want to be communicated with. But assessing what works requires a holistic approach that examines both staff perspectives on what works and what members really think and do. Steppingstone LLC undertook a communications audit to help NAFSA: Association for International Educators, understand its e-newsletter open rates, member preferences for communication, and staff practices influencing member communications. The project included a “brown bag” audit examining all of the electronic and printed publications used by the association, available data on materials and electronic use, available data on website use,  a survey asking members their preferences on association communications, and one-on-one staff interviews.  The results helped association staff improve how they were communicating with members and brought their communications products more in alignment with the association’s brand.

Client: NAFSA: Association for International Educators

Services provided:  communications audit, survey drafting, survey results interpretation, interviewing, writing

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