Customizable Brochure and Trade Show Display

By on Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sister Cities International is a nonprofit member organization focused on building peace and global understanding by linking communities in the United States with communities abroad. The organization needed a brochure that could be utilized for multiple purposes, including fundraising, membership recruitment, and awareness. Staff also felt their trade show appearances were lackluster and that poor marketing materials were hurting their ability to recruit new partners.

Solution: Sister Cities International hired Steppingstone LLC to create a brochure and exhibit panels that could be adapted and used for multiple purposes. All of the materials needed to comply with visual standards and be part of an overall communications plan.

Text for a tri-fold full-color brochure highlighting the merits of the sister city program was written and designed by Steppingstone LLC. A handy pocket on the inside of the brochure provided a way for staff to distribute customized information. A set of templates for triple-stacked inserts that could fit inside the pocket were created. The templates were designed to be printed on sturdy paper on the organization’s existing copier or at a nearby copy shop. The brochure package with inserts was also designed to fit into a standard #10 mailing envelope.

It was apparent that they also needed an eye-catching trade show exhibit display that would start conversations with passersby and broaden awareness of the sister city movement. The organization was invited to exhibit at multiple events per year, so some information needed to be customized easily. Text for the exhibit was written and an image from the brochure was carried through onto the panels. The display pieces were created in segments so certain elements could be swapped out or replaced over time, allowing the staff to inexpensively update the materials and change information quickly as needed.

Results: Because the brochure inserts could be produced cheaply and easily, staff were able to customize them for several events and promotions, and even used them as part of fundraising mailings.The brochures were so popular with the organization’s affiliate chapters, that the office was inundated with phone calls requesting additional brochures and a second printing had to be ordered in less than six months. The trade show exhibit display was used several times annually, including at the Sister Cities International Annual Conference, the National League of Cities meeting, and the annual meeting for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

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