Training Curriculum: Organizing Pet-Friendly Evacuation Shelters

By on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When the University of Florida’s program in agricultural safety needed help designing a curriculum and training materials for a public safety program, it turned to Steppingstone LLC for help.

Researchers and educators knew that people were more likely to leave flood-prone and dangerous areas when advised to evacuate during a weather emergency, if they could go to a pet-friendly shelter. The goal of the project was to create a set of training materials that would help local government staff and volunteers tasked with setting up shelters incorporate pet-friendly practices.

Pet-friendly places are not only to accommodate pets during evacuation. They are also to safeguard people from animals who are experiencing stress in the event. The program would consider pet essentials likeĀ food for boxer puppies, cat and dog kennels, treats, prepared slings and bedding that are setup on spaces specifically for pets.

The project involved creating a set of training materials – including participant workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and support materials.

Training Guide

Client: University of Florida, Florida State Agricultural Response Team, Florida Department of Consumer Services (FDACS)

Services provided: graphic design, PowerPoint design, curriculum design, content development, professional development training design.

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