Book Editing and Writing: Celebrating a Nonprofit Anniversary

By on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Steppingstone LLC’s Ami Neiberger-Miller played a key role in ¬†creating Peace Through People: 50 Years of Global Citizenship, a 250-page book that was published in 2006 by Butler Books. This book was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sister city movement in 2006 and debuted in July 2006 at the annual conference for Sister Cities International.

Neiberger-Miller combed through dozens of submissions from sister city programs around the world, selected and scanned photos from the organization’s archivces, wrote and edited descriptions and materials, and organized a time line for the book.

Many nonprofit organizations dream of creating a book to honor their history and create a legacy. Going through a nonprofit organization’s dusty archives and piecemeal submissions from member organizations and creating a sense of order is no small task.

The biggest challenge was framing a narrative that would provide “bones” structurally for the book and organize the content. The second biggest challenge was meeting the printing deadline before the conference. With six months of intensive work, the book went from a dream to reality! The book would not have been published without Butler Books and its commitment to the project.

Description:¬†“A descriptive history of the sister city movement that offers both a large scale overview, but is spiced with short stories. The book utilizes a film-strip style time-line to organize materials by decade. A complicated weave of real-life characters flows throughout the book, including federal officials, local activists, community mayors, and overseas partners. It makes an excellent gift for a sister city delegation, a visiting mayor, or a treasured friend.”

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Client: Sister Cities International

Services provided: writing, editing, project management

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