Guest Post: Legal Tips for Associations and Nonprofits Engaging in Social Media

By on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Treat all content as if it will be published forever. It is a near impossibility to remove information from the Internet, so think twice before posting any content you might regret later.

Respect others’ copyrights and trademarks. Avoid copying and pasting pictures and logos from other websites without proper permission.

Keep it confidential. Be careful not to post confidential or private information of your members, clients, or business partners, and avoid posting photos of other people without their permission.

Keep it civil. Antagonizing others on the Internet can lead to hard feelings, and if information you post is false, your organization could be liable for defamation. Spirited debates are fine, but being respectful of others helps to avoid conflict.

Adopt a policy on social media. Give your employees rules of the road for commenting about your organization or topics relating to your organization online, whether on work or personal time. For example, employees should not comment on behalf of the organization unless they are authorized, and should not let participation in social media interfere with their work. This can be part of a general policy on communications about the company.

Consider your employeees’ rights. Be careful when making employment decisions based on employee social media use. Federal law limits most organizations from restricting their employees from discussing terms and conditions of employment on social media, and information employees post to their social media pages could implicate anti-discrimination laws.

Review social networking platform terms. Many prominent social networking sites have rules governing what you can and cannot post, which an affect your marketing strategy. If your organization maintains a presence on a social network, keep these rules in mind.

Reprinted with permission. Presented by Bret Cohen, Esq., Privacy and Information Practice, Hogan Lovells at the PRSA-NCC Third Annual Public Relations Issues of the Day for Associations and Nonprofits, on November 6, 2013

Thanks to Creative Commons for licensing this featured image. The license and original image can be found here.


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