Nonprofits: “Donate Now” Button Rolls Out on Facebook Today

By on Monday, December 16, 2013

Facebook is adding a “donate now” button for nonprofit organizations and nonprofits can sign up now to express their interest in getting a button. Donations play a key role in helping nonprofit organizations meet their missions, and Facebook has become a key platform for many nonprofits seeking to connect with new audiences, grow relationships with members and build awareness.

Nineteen nonprofits have partnered with Facebook on the roll out and have “donate now” buttons in place on their pages today – here’s a list of those getting the buttons:

American Cancer Society
Blue Star Families

The new "Donate Now" button on the Donors Choose facebook page.

The new “Donate Now” button on the Donors Choose Facebook page.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Donors Choose
Girls Inc.
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Malaria No More
The Nature Conservancy
Oxfam America
The Red Cross
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
United Nations World Food Programme
World Wildlife Fund

Eight of the 19 appear on the top 100 top-grossing charities of 2012 issued by Nonprofit Times, with two reporting revenue of over a billion dollars a year. A few of the charities, such as Blue Star Families and RAINN, are smaller and report much lower revenues of well under $2 million dollars annually.

It appears they won’t be the only ones with “donate now” buttons for long. Facebook invites any nonprofit that is interested in adding a “Donate Now” button to its Facebook page, to fill out an interest form.

Appearing with the “Donate Now” button is a link to FAQs about donating through Facebook.

While some have greeted the news skeptically – CNET notes that this will help Facebook build its database of credit card holders, others have heralded the “Donate Now” button as a great help for nonprofits and TIME notes the button can help combat slacktivism – the tendency to like a cause online but do little else to help it.

In the announcement, Facebook notes how this tool can help nonprofits: ” with a community of over one billion people on Facebook, every local cause can become a global one — and every global cause can become a personal movement.”

Ami Neiberger-Miller is a public relations strategist and writer. She is the founder of Steppingstone LLC, a virtual and independent public relations practice near Washington, D.C. that provides public relations counsel, social media advice, writing services, and creative design work for publications and websites (portfolio). Ami blogs frequently about media relations, social media, public relations and other issues. She also reviews books on her blog about public relations, nonprofit life, work-family balance and social media practice. Follow her on Twitter @AmazingPRMaven.

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