Student Stories: A Pharmacy Technician Speaks About Opportunities

By on Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This project involved providing small video cameras to community colleges participating in the Plus 50 Initiative, a multi-year grant-funded program with AACC. The program assists baby boomers in going to college and training for new careers.  Colleges were provided a camera, setup instructions and questions, and asked to interview program participants on the challenges of going to college, what they are studying, and what their plans are for the future. College staff were also asked to share about their programs and plans. After conducting 2-3 interviews, college staff return the cameras. The videos are then edited by Steppingstone LLC and placed on AACC’s Plus 50 Initiative YouTube channel. The videos are presented in a way that is consistent for overall branding for the project. Being able to see and hear a plus 50 student talk about going to college and what they are achieving, is often one of the most effective recruitment tools for this population. This is a very cost-effective model for nonprofits and associations to consider for a project where recipients are geographically dispersed, because it does not require hiring video crews in multiple cities to collect footage.

Client: American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)

Services Provided by Steppingstone LLC: title design, video editing, script writing, title writing, YouTube upload and channel management, description writing

In this video, Curt Bielski, pharmacy technician student at Ivy Tech Community College discusses his coursework in this video.”I felt going into this, being a baby boomer in this present economy, I was looking for something viable, short-term, to be able to get back into the job market and have a gainful employed job,” said Bielski. He said his course was stressful at times, but that he found a lot of support through the other students at the college. His advice to future students is to invest in educational opportunities and to spend the time to be successful. He expresses his gratitude for being able to take the course and finish. He is looking forward to a new career as a pharmacy technician.

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