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Working Women of the Bible: Timeless Mentors for Modern Women

By on Friday, July 26, 2013

Today’s career women and working mothers can find support and inspiration n the pages of the Bible, says author Susan DiMickele in Working Women of the Bible: Timeless Mentors for Modern Women. She profiles several women in the Old and New Testaments who worked and often had families too. DiMickele draws from their ancient lives key principles that can inspire even today’s over-stressed and never-unplugged career women.

I loved DiMickele’s previous book, Chasing Superwoman: A Working Mom’s Adventures in Life & Faith, because I could identify with many of her challenges as a working mother who cared about her faith and was trying desperately to juggle it all. I was excited to get a review copy of Working Women of the Bible: Timeless Mentors for Modern Women and I found plenty to admire in it.

The language in this book is accessible – meaning it is not a theological tome or sophisticated Biblical treatise on working women. While DiMickele is a trial attorney, her goal as a writer is to make the stories of these Biblical women accessible and draw out elements that modern women today can relate to. She succeeds with wit and candor, while sprinkling in a few examples from her own life.

Using the stories of 13 women found in the Bible who lived thousands of years ago, DiMickele finds inspiration for even our tech-saturated lives. Her telling of the stories of Eve, Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, Jezebel (the ultimate power trip), Huldah, the widow in debt, Esther, the Proverbs 31 woman, Mary, Martha, Lydia and Priscilla touch on universal themes that all women (and men) encounter. Risk-taking, decision-making, balancing work and family life, showing loyalty, living by one’s values, and cultivating relationships, are just a few of the themes touched upon by DiMickele as she presents these Biblical women as mentors for us today.

The working women of the Bible highlighted by DiMickele frequently defied cultural norms and expectations. Many of them, such as Deborah (my personal favorite) held positions of authority and respect. DiMickele argues that women who try to have it all – a career, a family, and a spiritual life – are not defying the model of ordained womanhood found in the Bible. Rather, they are embracing the legacy of faith and action set forth by many of these trailblazing women.

For working women who have long felt isolated, condemned and ignored by the church, DiMickele’s book is a stream of water in what can often feel like a spiritual desert. Instead of hiding our professional lives (and juggling acts) from the people we know at church, women should be celebrated for embracing the many and varied callings they have on their lives.


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