Understanding Broadcast News Writing: July 23rd #APStyleChat

By on Friday, July 20, 2012

There’s a free Twitter chat on Monday, July 23rd, 2:30pm Eastern Time on hashtag #APStyleChat offering tips on how to write broadcast news coverage with Barbara Worth from the Associated Press.

While I expect some of the conversation will be related to the technical aspects of the AP Stylebook (PR pros – you should all have one on your desk!) and its requirements for broadcast news copy, this is a great opportunity for nonprofit professionals and activists seeking to learn more about the news media. The AP Stylebook is the gold standard in the news business and guides how stories are presented throughout the industry.
If you can understand how a journalist approaches writing something, you can better understand how to prepare your story pitches and interviewees to meet their needs. One of the big challenges I face constantly is how to best present a complex story knowing that television news coverage may only be two minutes or less. Understanding how broadcast journalists put together copy can also help you explain to your boss why the reporter might not have time to reference in the story certain layers or nuances. 
Worth oversees the national broadcast wires, the Washington, DC area broadcast and print reports, and the 50 state broadcast wires for AP Television News. AP covers stories at all levels – from the local to the international. For nonprofit staff and activists who are often time-starved and cash-strapped, a Twitter Chat like this is an easy way to enhance your professional development without ever leaving your desk. I hope you’ll join in.
AP broadcast guru
Barbara Worth

will offer tips

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