Magazine Writing: Why Some Camp Ministries Thrive and Prosper While Others Fade

By on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Why do some nonprofit organizations grow and thrive, while others struggle and fade away?

My new article, “Why Do Some Camps THRIVE While Others Fade Away?” explores this topic from the perspective of Christian camp and conference centers, who are grappling with how to balance philanthropy, ministry and business concerns. To thrive – really all three elements must be dynamically managed.

And that’s often what we find in other types of nonprofit organizations- pragmatic business sense, outreach to others interested in supporting the organization, and the actual work of the cause – are all in motion simultaneously within a thriving nonprofit organization.

I got to interview some amazing leaders for this story, including Bob Kobielush, who headed up the Christian Camp and Conference Association for 19 years. I talked with Chip May from Camp Arcadia in Michigan, Eric Swanson-Dexel from Camp Hammer in California, John Gehring at Alpine Camp and Conference Center in California, and Tom Crites from Camp Minnetonka in Oklahoma.

The story can be found on the cover of InSite magazine’s November/December 2011 issue, which is published by the Christian Camp and Conference Association.

I wish I could post the full article, but right now, I can only share the cover. Look for my story in the January/February 2012 issue about social media engagement for Christian camps.

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