Social Media Ethics: Free Webinar for PR Practitioners Sept. 29, Ethical Musings

By on Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A free webinar will be held Thursday, September 29, 1:00pm-2:00pm ET to provide training for public relations professionals on social media ethics. Presenters will be discussing the Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics. You can register online for free to attend the webinar.

It’s great to see them stimulating this discussion and dialogue within the public relations industry about ethics, even though there are no teeth in the code.
There’s no way to actually bust anyone who is behaving unethically, unless their behavior is so bad you have to call the cops or file a lawsuit.

A few years ago another PR practitioner who used to work at a well-known firm in the DC area who LOVED to name-drop actually did something pretty dastardly and a mega Code of Ethics violation. I was not comfortable supporting his project and had declined to sign statement of support when asked. In spite of my refusal, he submitted the statement with my forged signature on it with his application seeking access for this project. I found out later when the public affairs officer for the agency he applied to called me, because I worked regularly with their office. I told them that I did not support his project. At the time, I looked into what could be done to report him on a professional ethics violation – but there was no place to actually turn him in to. I’m sure he is still out there gallivanting about somewhere – name-dropping away.

There’s no teeth in that lovely code. We could use some.

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