How to Pitch a Blogger

By on Tuesday, August 9, 2011
A glowing post on a blog frequented by people likely to empathize with your nonprofit’s cause can be a PR bullseye. But how do you reach out to a blogger to talk about your organization and suggest a post or visibility?

First of all – you need to know what a blog is. It is an online “web log” or journal, written by one or more people. A blog may be devoted to a particular topic or niche group of interests. You need to read blogs that cover your field to understand how dialogue is structured and the topics that crop up.

You need to understand the blog you want to pitch. Read several posts on the blog. Look at the comments and see which posts have tended to attract more comments or interaction. Read the “About” section if there is one. Try to understand who is writing the blog and what he or she cares about.

Comment on a post. Select one of the posts on the blog and write a brief and appropriate comment. DO NOT pitch your organization for coverage or visibility right off the bat. Just try to contribute to the dialogue that the blogger is trying to foster.

Pitch a story that will be of interest to the blog’s readers. The temptation is sometimes to beg – but the reality is that you will get covered by a blog, when the owner thinks you have a story of interest to his or her readers. Write a succinct email to the blogger and suggest a good story idea. Demonstrate in  your note why you believe his or her readers will be interested.

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