American Red Cross Handles a Twitter Faux Paus with Humor & Grace

By on Monday, February 21, 2011

If you use a twitter manager like Hootsuite for your personal and work-related twitter accounts, then you know how easy it can be to accidentally blast a personal tweet onto a personal account. So when it happens – how do you recover? The American Red Cross shows that a little humor and grace can go a long way to mucking up the mayhem.

Last week the American Red Cross accidentally tweeted:

They soon realized their problem, and corrected with:

It then led to actual donations when Dogfish Beer called on its fans to donate, chronicled by the American Red Cross on its blog, where the organization plainly recounted the error. Beth Kanter notes on her blog that this is a great example of a nonprofit handling a twitter error with grace, and I concur.

This could have become an example of a nonprofit wringing its hands in horror or stonewalling its way thru embarrassment, but embracing the error with a little humor made it a lemons to lemonade scenario.

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